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HP Mini 110 Series

Overview HP revealed its new series of mini screened netbooks 1101 and 110.Both the netbooks are offered in windows as well as Linux operating system. The 110 series is a better netbook as it has an optional BVA Broadcom Video Accelerator and has all the features of a standard business notebook. It has a sleek… Read More »

Panasonic Toughbook S9 Review

World’s lightest 12.1 inch laptop is here! The Panasonic Toughbook S9 has claimed to be the lightest 12 inch laptop (with DVD drive) in the world and its researchers have proved it right. The sturdy S9 offers an exceptional durability with high performance and an endurance to bear all kinds of beatings. With an 11… Read More »

Dell Inspiron M101z

In recent times, there has been a huge influx of 11.6 inch laptops, which are neither Netbooks nor standard laptops. The Dell Inspiron M101z is one such laptop and the problem is that no one knows what to call these mid-sized laptops. Nonetheless, the M101z is a power packed laptop with AMD’s new processor, the… Read More »

Review of Apple MacBook Air 11-inch

We remember the very first Macbook Air laptop launch had been welcomed along with astonishment as well as complete wonder. It had been Apple’s tiny as well as slimmest laptop computer, the nearest point to a genuine ultraportable. There’s one simple way to figure up the new 11-inch MacBook Air: It’s constantly ready on the… Read More »

Review of Dell Inspiron Duo

Overview Dell is stopping the Inspiron duo’s puzzling promotion videos and formally revolving its display for the world to see, finally! People will be unable to click an order button about the completely distinctive 10.1-inch tablet or Netbook Duo now days, although according to Dell, it will increase with respect to pre-order at some point… Read More »