Data on the Go – Portable Hard Drives

By | 6th June 2013

Portable Hard Drives

One of the largest selling computer accessories these days, portable hard drives contributes considerably large share. With the limited amount of space available, portable hard drives are becoming a necessity these days and companies are cashing on this trend big-time. From trendy to colorful, compact to waterproof; there are a wide range of portable hard drives available in the market which will store loads of data in a secure way.

There are many people out there who do not fancy the idea of purchasing a portable hard drive in this era of multi-gigabyte hard drives. Well, to get started, if you want to move large amounts of data to another computer, a CD-ROM or a DVD-ROM holding some GB of data cannot be used. Also, if there is some problem with your computer, a portable hard drive (also known as external hard drive) will allow the safe backup of important files.

As the name suggests, portable hard drives can be moved from one place to another and can be operated on a plug and play basis. If your computer has USB or Firewire ability, then it will distinguish the portable hard drive as a storage device and will designate it by assigning a letter. Thus, a portable hard drive can be used as a normal hard drive. Also, if you have many family members that use your computer, you can always keep your sensitive data safe and secure by transferring it to your portable hard drive. This data will be accessible once you plug in the drive, use it and simply unplug it once the work is done to lock it in a safe location.

You can store multiple personal things such as personalized documents, audio files, movies, games, photos, archived websites and much more. For business uses, you can store your business presentations, applications, meeting documents. There are some parameters which you should consider before opting for a portable hard drive like cost, durability, storage capacity, and speed. But, now-a-days besides these, the compact size, style as well as other features also matter.

Portable hard drives are compact, swift and convenient way to backup your data. It is an indispensable tool without which you cannot manage your huge data. So, go ahead and figure out one that suits your needs the best.

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