Microsoft lifecam cinema 720p HD

By | 18th November 2013

Microsoft lifecam cinema 720p HD

The times are gone when you had to remain satisfied with the blurry, dull and choppy videos of your holiday or any other occasion. Microsoft introduces a new high-definition webcam that has a resolution up to 720p, which gives out a high quality video to the YouTube videographers or the instant messengers. Microsoft lifecam cinema 720p HD is a winner of Innovations Honoree Award and is a revolution in the fields of webcams and communication.

Features and Specifications

It has a tough aluminum body with 720p HD wide screen and the ability to capture video at the frequency of 30fps. It features high precision lens with auto focus properties, which proved to be the eminent features of this webcam. A flexible stand at the base makes it easy for the webcam to mount on most of the laptops and monitors. On the top of camera are a small microphone and a button that easily helps it to connect to the Windows Live Messenger.

H5D-00001 Specifications

720p HD Widescreen 720p Sensor captures true HD quality video at up to 30 FPS.
Auto Focus Images stay sharp and detailed even during close-ups.
High-precision Glass Element Lens High quality lens delivers more accurate colors and sharper video.
ClearFrame Technology Delivers smooth, detailed video, even in low light conditions.
Digital Microphone With noise cancelling technology improves speech clarity and helps to get a crystal clear sound
Aluminum Body Reduces weight and improves the durability of the webcam
Windows Live Movie Maker Start a movie project with one click, then upload widescreen video to social networking sites.
Windows Live Photo Gallery Helps to upload photo that can be tagged, shared
LifeCam Dashboard Add special effects and control your webcam – all from the Windows Live Messenger window.
Windows Live Call Button Allows to make video alls
Flexible Stand Can be bent according to convenience to obtain a good angel on the laptop screen or monitor
Video Effects Entertaining video effects that make a video more interesting
Works With Windows Live, Yahoo! Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, Skype
Warranty 3-year limited hardware warranty.

Closer look

The camera is designed in such a way that it can fit into someone’s palm easily. It has a long cable with a clip for the peripherals. There is a flexible rubber base at the bottom providing a support for the surface of almost any kind. The Lifecam Cinema has a body that rotates on its vertical axis about 360 degrees. The head of the camera has upward and downward movement in the motion of 90 degrees. The camera produces video of high resolution up to 720p thus there are chances that we are heading towards a high definition video chat.

Detailed Features

Microsoft Lifecam Cinema H5D-00001 has striking resolution power of 1280x720p at the frequency of 30 frames per second. The video chat at this high resolution seems to be very appealing. After mounting on the rubber base, it is just 2’’ taller. It has a diameter of 1’’. The digital microphone is capable of picking even the smallest and minute noises precisely. Microphone feature of this webcam is excellent offering the facility of cancelling the unwanted noise. The instruction manuals suggest that the Lifecam Cinema should not be plugged in to the computer before the drivers are installed. There are wider resolution options in the Lifecam Cinema starting from 160×120 to 1280 to 720 HD. There is also a setting tab which allows the users to adjust the color and the brightness level and also to set the frequency so that there is no flicker in the monitor. The auto focus feature is just another feature adding to the advantages of the Lifecam Cinema.

Webcam software

In Microsoft Lifecam is bundled with the Windows Live Essentials, which features Windows Live Call, Windows Live Movie Maker, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Live Mail and also Windows Live Writer. There are some tips in the user’s manual, which one needs to follow prior to the installation of the software of the webcam. Following the instructions one can have a video of good quality and sound. The webcam produces a good video even in unfavorable light conditions.

The Bottom Line

Even though the Microsoft Lifecam Cinema looks smaller, but the aluminum body makes it durable. It offers varied functionality and the high definition video that makes it versatile. The auto focus and the lens are the elements that enable to capture even the minute details. The digital microphone is just an exceptional property offered by this webcam. This is makes out to be a perfect gift by Microsoft for the game freaks.

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