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Review of Logitech Revue with Google TV Box

Logitech Revue is the first STB (Set Top Box) that features the newly launched wonderful Google TV. The launch of Box has clearly focused the usage of TV in future. It intended to combine the television to the internet, by fusing them together. It has few new revealing features such as HD calling, myriad apps… Read More »

Micca Slim-HD: 1080p

Slim HD Digital Media Player is a hard drive based transportable media drive released by Micca, last year. It is based on typical 2.5” notebook hard drive, which can handle a range of formats and containers and also had 720p HDMI output. A focus on the compact form factor, an ability to use it as… Read More »

Review of Apple TV

Three years after the launch of the original expensive Apple TV, Apple has re-launched their updated Apple TV, which is smaller, cheaper and based on streamable video. This product appears to be a worthwhile entertainment system. The new device has hit the market with new functionalities and enhancements, which supports WiFi-N 802.11. It does not… Read More »